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Human Trafficking in Nepal

There are many purposes for human trafficking; forced labor, slavery, removal of organs and sex slavery. Sexual exploitation, or sex trafficking, which Is the focus of this paper Is the mall type of trafficking in the country of Nepal. Many of these women who become involved in the sex world are compelled by economic circumstances and social inequality. While some enter sex work voluntarily, others become involved in sex work by force or deception, such as through sex trafficking. Human trafficking violates these very rights that are supposed to be granted.Nepal Is considered a country of origin, meaning It Is the country where women and children are mainly abducted and taken to other countries where they are sold as sex slaves. Nepal is a country with one of the lowest human development indicators, which increases the vulnerability of the young girls to trafficking and sexual abuse. Women and children, the primary victims of sex slavery, continue to be forced into a variety of sexua l activities including prostitution, pornography, striping, mall-order brides, and sex tourism, all of which can occur In public or private locations.The majority of the Naples women and children that are sold as sex slaves are sold by a family member or close friend. They are mostly smuggled into Indian's and Shanghais red light district, and to brothels in other urban cities. In the Middle East, they are exploited to work at parlor and dance bars. In many cases, older women are known to recruit young girls, promising them a better future where they can break free from the poverty In which they live In (Bales 142). Tuskers is what young Naples girls from the age of 14-16 are called when they are sold to the brothels. Ill many girls are forced or deceived Into prostitution, many willingly go into the sex industry due to their addiction to drugs, while others are in search of a better future, not only for themselves but also for their families that live with impecuniousness condition s. Also, those that do not volunteer to become trafficked are physically forced into labor, most likely sold by parents for the purpose of working off family debts to the government or organized crime groups, which exalts no exercise of choice.A huge portion of the population lives below the poverty line; 2% of the country lives with less than US$2 per day. Economic circumstance and social inequality are the strongest factors that compel women to become involved in the industry. Another factor that contributes to this industry is the balance supply of victims from sending countries and the demand from receiving countries; these countries are the one creating such unethical demands.The United Nations defines human trafficking as: means of threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of giving or achieving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person for the purposes of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation or the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs. United Nations 2). Forcing or using someone to profit from sexual exploitation for one's own personal benefits is not condoned by the United Nations; this sort of behavior is considered morally wrong ND offensive to many people in the affected countries . Traffickers generally use the same process when kidnapping or abducting their victims. Many of the people that are kidnapped are drugged and have a very violent removal, that way trafficker has total control of them. After the abduction, the victim is taken out of their native country and taken into a brothel in a faraway country.The reason for this is for the person to not know their surroundings, the language or laws of the country. In the process of bei ng taken to another country the victim's identity document are confiscated. When young girls are being transported from one country to another, they are given a complete new identity by which they must go by. Most victims are threatened in order to comply with the instruction the traffickers have given them. If under any circumstance they contravene the conditions they are physically abused.In the process of obtaining control of the trafficked person, they are drugged and their minds become distorted which does not allow them to think in a proper manner. Many are brainwashed into believing that there is no other better future and that they are of no worth. Human trafficking has a tremendous psychological impact on its victims as a result of the manipulation, abuse, and cultural shock experienced when forced to work a less than desirable Job in a foreign country. Once the trafficker is under control, the victim's enslavement and exploitation begins.Regardless of the violence, working and living conditions, people that are in servitude find their own mechanisms to survive. In addition to being forced to have sexual intercourse with unknown men, they are also forced to drink alcoholic beverages and do drugs when asked to. These women and young girls are not allowed to ask their customers to use protection. As a result of this, a Nepal has had at least eight to ten abortions by the age of 30. Many have said that the owners of the brothels have forced back to work two hours after having the abortion.In some cases if the girl was too young and had sexual intercourse after an abortion, she would pass away do to the intense pain and lack of nutrients. Because they are not able to use protection there are a at least 18 HOW AIDS cases reported in a hour, which means that more than 61% of the Naples women are infected with this disease in the process of having sexual intercourse with a customer (Humans Right Watch). If they refuse to do what is asked from them the custom er has the right to torture them as they please.Many men are now requesting to have sexual intercourse with young girls because there is less of chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease. In addition to this, Nepal and Indian men also believe that if they have sex with a virgin;any SST that they may have, may be removed and she told her story about when she was taken to a brothel. Gina was being forced to have sex with customer, and if she refused she was beat and raped by a group of men. â€Å"When I refused they beat me and raped me. I was only seven years old† (The Day My God Died). Many young girls are physically abused, some get burned with cigars, others burned with acid, and most of them are deprived of food and water for days until they stop refusing the requests of the customers. â€Å"They used to catch me by the hair, bang my head against the wall and throw me on the ground. They would try anything to make me have sex†¦ They beat me with a stick and so metimes hit me with aluminum rods† (The Day My God Died). During the enslavement period, the victim is physically, emotionally, and mentally abused, and if they happened to be let free, most of them attempt suicide.After their enslavement period many feel that there is no point in living with such memoirs. Many do not seek for help or go back to their hometowns because they are ashamed of what they have been through. Not only are they illegal, but isolated as well and with no other way of making a living, nearly all return to sex work, a human trafficking survivor said: â€Å"The people of my village hold me in contempt. They treat me badly. People don't understand that I was tricked and that I suffered a lot† (International Justice Mission). There are only very few ways to escape sex trafficking: being accused, released or escaping.Though there is a very low success rate for victims that try to escape, 11% of females successfully escape sex trafficking. It is very stre nuous for a person to escape; they must be physically and mentally prepared to do it, because not only are there guards that keep watch of the brothels 2417, but if they were to get caught in the process of escaping, they must be prepared to receive any punishment that will be given to them. A young girl named Kyoto Pray said she tried escaping at least three times and when she got caught, she got her hair pulled; he was beaten and even broke an arm.About 7% of females get released by their owners, for one of two reasons either they are no longer attractive or are too old to bring sufficient clients or they have been infected with HIVE . Most end their period of servitude at 18 to 22 years old when they have â€Å"repaid their debt. † During that time, the brothel owner has made a profit four to 20 times the price paid for the trafficked girl. This leaves 80% of girls in those brothels with lost dreams and hope of ever leaving that horrible place, and starting a new life. L w ould not wish that life on an enemy. It was pure hell. It would be better to hang yourself and die†(The Day My God Died). One of the main reasons why many people contribute to human trafficking is due to lack of money. As mentioned before most of the inhabitants in Nepal live with less than $2 per day. Most of the people that are involved in this business are in it in hopes off better future for their families. Due to lack of education and healthcare the slavery business seems the easiest solution to many.About 80% of Napalm's population live in rural areas and depend on subsistence farming for their livelihoods. Nepal has a limited progress in favor of their anti-trafficking laws. In 2007, trafficking in Persons and Transportation (Control) Act (TAP), Nepal law prohibits all forms of trafficking and prescribes penalties ranging from 10 to 20 years' imprisonment, which are sufficiently rigorous and commensurate with those Organization (MONGO) made plans to fund trafficking she lters in Katmandu, Assassination, and Chapman. These cities are major ports for sex trafficking.The young girls who are rescued from the brothels are taken to foster institution where they are treated for any psychological problems that they encounter. Many of the people that are rescued from their owners file a report against them, but many of the people that are involved in Napalm's government are also associated with owners of the brothels. For example, the officials and government often support and encourage trafficking by accepting bribes by brothel owners for turning a blind eye to illegal activity, or by visiting brothels for sexual services.Corrupt government and law enforcement officials are one factor that contribute to the growth of human trafficking, therefore most of the sex trafficking victims do not confide in their overspent system, which also makes it harder for sex trafficking to end in Nepal. Brothel owner make a huge profit annually it is currently estimate to $1 0 billion of revenue per year. â€Å"The trafficking industry is one with large profits, due to the low costs of forced human labor.Because the victims of trafficking are â€Å"expendable, reusable, and re-sellable† cheap commodities, particularly because they are withheld adequate food, wages, shelter, and health care, amounting to large profits for traffickers† (Neck 374). Trafficking is the worst human rights violation that one can go through it is abduction, physical and mental abuse. The pain of being ripped away from ones family and loved one, can be such a deep psychological scar, in which even though a person has been without a family for years they will never forget about the family they once had.This type of pain is something that one cannot comprehend if one has not experienced it. The inequality between women and men in Nepal is reinforced by cultural ideas that the dominance and strength off male, and compliance of the female. The discrimination that the w omen in Nepal are suffering is not only happening in this country is it also affecting many other countries around the world. The expectation of women around the world are very similar; women are to be passive, obedient , oppressed and forced into relationships with people that are forced to be with.It is very important for the men to be dominant in the relationship, as it maintains their social and economical dominance; in order to maintain control of their women they feel forced to use violence. Napalm's government is working on developing a plan do promote women's human rights. Implementing these rights will take time and cooperation of the whole country in order to for the plan to work. Anural Gorilla, is the founder of Mattie Nepal.The foundation has rescued 12,000 Nepal girls and young women from sex trafficking, many who were sold across the border to brothels in India, they are also working on reconciling abducted girls with their families. Therefore, women and children are taught sewing, basket weaving, and cooking to help them build the skills necessary to find a Job, and are also given individual counseling by psychologists in order to deal with emotional problems they are experiencing from past trafficking-related trauma.Many non government organizations like these are staring to take matters into their won hands since the overspent had not yet been successful in stopping this sex trade. â€Å"The well-being and the hopes of the peoples of the world can never be served until peace – as well â€Å"Due to the force, exploitation, and manipulation involved, this trend fundamentally violates the rights to life, liberty, and security of a person, the prohibition of slavery and slave trade in all forms, as well as that no one shall be treated in an inhumane or degrading manner† (United Nations, â€Å"Universal Declaration of Human Rights†).Can one person make a difference in the lives of the two million people that are trafficked an nually? Maybe not but if more people Joined organizations that will help the cause there would be a higher success rate of victims that are rescued from human trafficking. More people are becoming aware of human trafficking and are taking a stand to help end this; there are organization like The Project To End Human Trafficking is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 as part of the anti-slavery movement. The initial goal of the founders was not to begin an organization, but simply to offer educational lectures about human trafficking.

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Water Pollution in Canada Essay - 2503 Words

The industrialization of Canada is severely affecting the nations lakes, streams, and rivers. If something is not done to improve the situation it is going to have some severe environmental problems in its future. The following essay will be looking at the factors that cause pollution, and the effect that pollution has on the environment of Canada. It will also explore some of the methods used to treat and clean-up wastewater, and oil spills. Today pollution is very high in both inland and marine waters. All different types of water pollution are contributing factors in this problem. Here are some things that are associated with pollution: Pathogens: Pathogens are disease causing bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. They usually come†¦show more content†¦It affects ecological processes and blocks the migration paths of fish. Because of these pollutants Southern Saskatchewan and Alberta are threatened by water shortages, and the great lakes face problems in serious pollution. Rivers and streams are also greatly affected by these pollutants. The noticeable outcomes of these pollutants are these: Nitrates in drinking water can cause disease in infants that may sometimes end in death. Crops in a field can absorb sludge-derived fertilizer containing cadium, and when humans eat the crop it may result in acute liver and kidney damage. Sometimes lakes become artificially enriched with nutrients from the chemical fertilizers that run off cultivated fields into the water. This causes water that is unpleasant to drink due to bad odor, taste, and algae. Also, acid rain has left many lakes in Canada totally devoid of life. There are three major sources of water pollution, they are municipal, industrial and agricultural. Municipal: This type of water pollution comes from the wastewater found only in homes and commercial establishments For many years people have been placing importance on treating the waste to remove harmful bacteria, etc. from it. Recently we are coming aware of the fact that we have to improve the ways in which we dispose of the waste. Industrial: Industrial waste is wastewater from industrial areas, and companies. There are many different types of chemicals, and they all have differentShow MoreRelatedWater And Sanitation Of Canada1729 Words   |  7 Pageslocation of Canada, they retain a large amount of fresh water, 20% to be exact (Water 2012). However, even with the large percentage only 7% of the renewable freshwater and most of the water (just like in the United States) is not located in desirable areas. The majority of the Canadian population lives along the southern border wit h the United States and which creates the problem of most of the country s fresh water is found in the north drainage basins (Water 2012). As this hard to reach water reachesRead More Adapting Canada to the Future of a World With Scarce Water Essay1623 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Water is just more than drinking water. Water is the most basic and vital resource that humans need to sustain themselves. Water is used for food production from irrigating crops to actually manufacturing them. Canada like the world, uses water for sanitation, cleaning, manufacturing and daily function. Demand and supply will soon be at a crossroad, as increasing population creates increases in pollution, waste-water and global warming (Baker, 2007). This paper will seek to examineRead MoreThe Great Lakes And The Forests1349 Words   |  6 PagesThe Great Lakes and the forests in Canada are both in severe states. Deforestation and pollution have caused short and long term effects that not only impact human health, but ecosystems as well. In order to mitigate these issues there needs to be action plans and individuals dedicated, and willing to help. The great lakes are 5 interconnected lakes throughout Canada and the USA, which flood out to the Atlantic Ocean. â€Å"Over the last 30 years there has been a decrease in point-source depollution,Read MoreA Brief Note On The Canadian Environmental Protection Act1180 Words   |  5 Pagesi) What are some of the main causes of water pollution in Canada, and what progress has Canada made in dealing with water pollution? Provide some indication of the seriousness of air pollution in Canada. There are many elements that cause water pollution in Canada. Water pollution usually happens when releases of ingredients damage the quality of water for other consumers, including humans and animals. Pollution can affect domestic waters such as lakes, rivers and groundwater. The three mainRead MoreThe Municipal Water And Water Quality1534 Words   |  7 PagesWESTERN ONTARIO Water Quality in Canada Student Names: ï‚Ÿ Chen Yang: 250651666 Course: Econ 2187F, Special Topics in Economics Professor: C. Middleton Due Date: 2014-12-01 Word Count: Abstract The purpose of this paper is focus on the municipal water issues in Canada, especially the main factors to affect water quality in Canada. Although there is a common perception that Canada has the second water quality and water quantity in the world, Canadians are among the highest water user per capitalRead MorePierre Trudeau s Policies On The Economy899 Words   |  4 PagesPierre Trudeau’s Policies Pierre Elliot Trudeau was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada. He served as Prime Minister from April 1968 to June 1984. During his time in office, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau introduced many new policies. Pierre Trudeau’s policies on the economy, the environment and multiculturalism greatly benefitted Canada. Pierre Trudeau’s policies on the economy benefitted Canada. Trudeau introduced many new support programs. They included increased unemployment insurance, benefitsRead MoreEssay on Canada ´s Mixedwood Plains and Pollution725 Words   |  3 PagesCanada is a very large country, with areas of land in various climate regions, and land regions, thus having many ecozones that differentiate from another. The most populated ecozone in Canada is the Mixedwood Plains; the ecozone we are located in, named after the mixedwood forests that are native to the area. The Mixedwood Plains is one of the smallest of the Canadian ecozones, spanning only 175 963 kilometres squared. The Mixedwood Plains is bordered by three of the great lakes on the southernRead MoreCanadian Waters Are Safe For Maritime Transportation945 Words   |  4 Pagesglobe by ship is a commitment given by the Government of Canada(GoC). Federal Government has taken concrete measures to convince Canadian public that the Canadian Waters are safe for maritime transportation. Following excerpts from various web sources explained government’s position on the issue. Canada’s oil sands are a major resource within Canada’s energy sector, accounting for 97 percent of Canada’s total oil reserves. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is committed to developing Canada’s oil sandsRead MoreTaking a Look at Lake Ontario772 Words   |  3 Pagesand is 1.5% of the worlds fresh water, Lake Ontario is one the five Great Lakes located on the borders between the United States and Canada. As the name suggests, this Lake Ontario is in the province of Ontario as well as the state of New York. As one of the Great Lakes, the lake provides many with fresh water (once it has been filtered). When starting from left to right, Lake Ontario is the last lake in the chain of Great Lakes through links of small bodies of water. It is also linked to the St. LawrenceRead MoreThe Great Lakes, Lake Lakes And Lake Ontario893 Words   |  4 Pagesaccounts for about 18% of the world s fresh water resources. They are rich in water and other resources and th e area of the Great Lakes extend more than 1200 km. The storage capacity of Great Lakes is about 23000 km3 and the surface area is around 244000 km2. Nowadays 1/10 of the Americans and a quarter of Canadians live in the lakes. Some of the world s largest industrial center is built on here. Almost 25% of total agricultural production in Canada and 7% in the United States will yield in this

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Essay Audit Engagement - 993 Words

Subject: Assessment of Exton Industries, Inc. Dear Ms. Johnson: nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;I have recently reviewed the Control Environment Questionnaire for Exton Industries, Inc. After evaluating the evidence collected by our staff member, I have come up with an assessment of the fraud risks. From the evidence gathered, I have concluded that Exton Industries has a weak control environment. Overall, it will not do an effective job of preventing fraudulent activities. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;While evaluating Exton Industries, I had to consider how the control environment would prevent misstatements arising from misappropriation of assets and fraudulent financial reporting. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The controller,†¦show more content†¦The audit committee privately discusses relevant issues with external auditors and conducts annual reviews of audit functions and activities. However, there were three issues that could lead to misstatements arising from fraudulent financial reporting or misappropriation of assets. The first issue is the fact that the board is supposed to address management’s adherence to the code of conduct and it was noted that a code exists but the board does not take specific actions related to adherence. The second and third issues are that the board is supposed to issue directives to management detailing specific actions to be taken and oversee and follow up as needed. It was noted that neither one of these practices were observed. From the evidence gathered, it seems as though Exton Industries’ control environments for their organizational structure, integrity and ethical values and management’s philosophy and operating style are weak and may not prevent fraudulent activities. The new management team encourages managers to cut through red tape whenever possible, employees stated that in prior years communications channels were observed whereas now, they are more formal and less candid and the new management team has not completed their planned assessment of the organizationalShow MoreRelatedAudit Engagement Checklist11116 Words   |  45 PagesPrint Form 00-1 2009 General Audit Engagement Checklist 20,401 Section 20,400 General Audit Engagement Checklist Checklist for Review of Audit Engagements Contents Section I. The Auditor’s Report With Regard to the Auditor’s Report............................................................................................... II. General Audit Procedures With Regard to Client Acceptance .................................................................................................. With RegardRead MoreExample Audit Engagement2570 Words   |  11 PagesEXAMPLE AUDIT ENGAGEMENT LETTER This example engagement letter is intended solely for general educational purposes. It is not intended for the purpose of providing specific legal, accounting, or other professional advice to any particular recipient or with respect to any particular jurisdiction. The author, publisher, and distributor of this document (1) make no representations, warranties, or guarantees as to its technical accuracy or compliance with any law ( federal, state, or local) or professionalRead MoreWhat Is Data Analytics The Future Of Audit Engagements1629 Words   |  7 PagesData Analytics the future of Audit Engagements Data analytics, according to the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB), is defined as â€Å"the science and art of discovering and analyzing patterns, deviations and inconsistencies, and extracting other useful information in the data underlying or related to the subject matter of an audit through analysis, modelling and visualization for the purpose of planning and performing the audit† (Alawadhi et al., 2015). Under this definitionRead MoreAudit Engagment Letter1595 Words   |  7 Pages Running head: Beginning the Audit Report Beginning the Audit Report Gina Taylor Auditing ACC/546 Selina Ashworth August 20, 2012 AUDIT ENGAGEMENT LETTER August 20, 2012 Larry Lancaster Apollo Shoes 10253 W. Higgins Rd. Ste 600 Rosemont, IL 60018 Dear Mr. Lancaster: This letter is to confirm our understanding of the terms and objectives of our engagement and the nature and limitations of the services we will provide. Services We will audit the financial statements of Apollo Shoes as ofRead MoreFinancial Statements Of Business Enterprises865 Words   |  4 Pagesconditions to recognize revenues was met. The principal objectives that auditors hope to accomplish by preparing audit workpapers are identified and explained under PCAOB Auditing Standard 1215, â€Å"Audit Documentation† (PCAOB, 2016) and AU-C Section 230 â€Å"Audit Documentation† of the AICPA (AICPA, 2015). AS 1215 â€Å"Audit Documentation† (AS No. 3 reorganized) Paragraph .02 of AS 1215 defines audit documentation, also referred to as work papers or working papers, as the written record of the basis for theRead MoreAudit Report Apollo Shoes Essay example1061 Words   |  5 Pages The firm of Anderson, Olds, and Watershed is pleased to receive your notification to proceed with the audit and look forward to working with you. From the Audit Committee meeting minutes, we understand that Apollo Shoes requires help with the yearly audit because the former CPA firm withdrew unexpectedly (University of Phoenix, n.d.). Anderson, Olds, and Watershed will conduct the audit and â€Å"prepare the state franchise tax returns as well as the federal tax returns† (University of Phoenix, nRead MoreFoamex International Inc. Essay1331 Words   |  6 Pagesto review and approve journal entries. d. Information and Communication. Management must communicate its policies effectively, as well as receive upward information through the process. Foamex’s response to PricewaterhouseCoopers’, (PwC) first audit report reflected the lack of communication between the company and its subsidiaries, which led PwC to resign, because management failed to respond to the multiple notices of their internal control problems. Deloitte Touche (2002-2003) became theRead MoreFinancial Statements And On Design Internal Control Systems895 Words   |  4 Pagesprovides opinions on the reliability of the report and the effectiveness of the internal control. The external auditors determine if the financial statements are done correctly or not and in accordance to GAAP. If yes, the auditor issues an unqualified audit report that states that the company properly completed the financial statement. If the auditor believes that it was not done properly they issue an adverse report that stat es that the financial statement was not presented properly. The auditor communicatesRead MoreThe New Accounting Staff Audit Practice Alert No Essay903 Words   |  4 PagesFuture directions and conclusions (CRYSTAL) The effective date of the new accounting Staff Audit Practice Alert No. 12 standard for public companies reporting under U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (U.S. GAAP) is annual reporting periods beginning after December 15, 2016, including interim periods within that reporting period. The effective date of the new accounting standard for companies reporting under International Financial Reporting StandardsRead More10 key ratio1411 Words   |  6 Pagesand contrast global approaches to limiting accountants liability throug the use of engagement letter. rule 101 interpret thta indemnification agreements remove a major stimulus to objective and unbiased consideration of problem encountered in an egagement. regulator wants to retain the right to pursue recovery of losses against auditors of failed institutions safety and soundness. AICPA members providing audit or other attestation services for banking, insurance, and other regulated industries

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Childhood Obesity Is A Medical Condition - 1109 Words

Childhood obesity is a medical condition that is found in children, teenagers and middle aged people. Everyone has a unique body shape and structure that is engineered right for them but sometimes the body will store more body fat than required. If an individual stores more fat than an average person is supposed to, then they can be categorized as obese. Childhood obesity can be identified seeing if the weight of a child is well above that of an average for a child s height and age. For an overweight child, it is very essential that you let him or her to know that you will be understanding. Children s thoughts about themselves mostly depend on their parents feelings about them, and if you talk to him about his thoughts and problems, it might be easier for them to work on cutting down weight either by controlling food intake or by increasing and improving effective physical exercises. Most of obesity problems in childhood are caused due to children eating too much and not doing enough physical workouts. Weight gain happens when the energy intake is more than energy the energy that has been burned off by exercising. Children at risk of becoming overweight or obese include children who: consume food and drinks that are high in sugar, fat, calories or even carbohydrates on a daily basis such as fast food, candy, baked goods, and pop and other sugar-sweetened beverages. Those children who are not physically active each day, such as those who watch a lot of TVShow MoreRelatedChildhood Obesity Is A Medical Condition2494 Words   |  10 PagesChildhood obesity is a medical condition in which affects children of all ages sometimes even into their adulthood. This condition occurs when a child is very well above the normal weight set for his or her age and height. One of the biggest troubles in the world is childhood obesity because the extra weight a child carries around leads them down a path of a number of health issues that were once confined only to adults such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. It may also leadRead MoreChildhood Obesity : Becoming A Medical Condition863 Words   |  4 Pages Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity is a well known issue in the United States. To some individuals childhood obesity is considered to be a medical condition while others may argue that is not. Childhood obesity is the condition where excessive body fat negatively affects a child s wellbeing or health. Being obese is different from being overweight, although both mean that a person’s weight is greaterRead MoreChildhood Obesity : A Serious Medical Condition Plaguing Youth1765 Words   |  8 PagesAustin Brown Dr. Rodney Beaulieu Human Development 101 11 December 2015 Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity is currently a serious medical condition plaguing youth and adolescents all around the world, especially in developed nations. Childhood obesity occurs when ones weight or body fat exceeds what is normal for ones height and age. Children who are overweight are often troubled with poor self-esteem and depression. Overweight children are subjected to health issues such as diabetes, high bloodRead MoreChildhood Obesity : A Serious Medical Condition That Affects Children And Adolescents Essay1116 Words   |  5 PagesMy enquiry question will identify the leading causes of childhood obesity in New Zealand. Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents (Mayo Clinic, 2014). It occurs when a child is well above the normal weight for his or her age and height (Mayo Clinic, 2014). This enquiry question will mainly focus on children who are obese in New Zealand. Through survey, The 2012/13 New Zealand Health Survey found that 1 in 9 c hildren aged 2–14 years were obese (11%),Read MoreChildhood Obesity : A Serious Medical Condition That Affects Children And Adolescents991 Words   |  4 Pagescurrent adolescent obesity rates continue, predictions say by 2035 there will be more than 100,000 additional cases of heart disease linked to obesity (Collins 1). Childhood obesity has become more of an epidemic over the last few years. Although there are debates of childhood obesity being a problem, several factors contribute to childhood obesity such as parental feeding styles and fast food, nonetheless, which can all be prevented. Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects childrenRead MoreChildhood Obesity : A Serious Medical Condition That Affects Children And Adolescents Essay1736 Words   |  7 Pagesatrocious disease like cancer nor is it learning or behavioral problems—it is obesity! The Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit organization committed to clinical practice, health education and research, defines child hood obesity as â€Å"a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents, that occurs when a child is well above the normal weight for his or her age and height† (Mayo). The Mayo Clinic goes on to say that childhood obesity is particularly troubling because it starts kids off on an early pathRead MoreChildhood Obesity : A Serious Medical Condition That Affects Children And Adolescents878 Words   |  4 Pages Research Paper on Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents. It occurs when a child is overweight and well over the normal weight for his or her age and height. Child obesity is an important issue because the extra weight can lead children down the wrong path to health problems, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes to name a few. Childhood obesity can cause children to become depressed and have poor self-esteemRead MoreIs Fast Food Really The Main Reason For Childhood Obesity?907 Words   |  4 PagesIs fast food really the main reason for the rise in childhood obesity? No, it is not their fault. In fact, I believe the main reason for childhood obesity is the parents. Most parents care about their kids but yet they allow them to eat unhealthy food, watch television for long periods of time, and reward them with food. Although, the cause of childhood obesity is debated. Two of the main causes is food choices and advertisements. Exercise is critical, it is an important part in keeping your bodyRead MoreEffects Of Obesity On Children Health1139 Words   |  5 PagesEffects of Obesity on Children Health Obesity is a serious medical and psychological condition that affects children, adult, and elderly people. According to WHO, People who are above the normal weight for their age and height are called obese. Childhood obesity has been problem in developed as well as in developing countries. As Cause, it is accepted that increase in obesity results from an imbalance between abnormal intake of unhealthy food and drink and also unable to burn calorie. There is increasingRead MoreA Child s Silent Killer1266 Words   |  6 Pagesthreatening condition is sweeping over the U.S. today. This ailment can cause numerous types of cancer and is drastically increasing in incidence. The individuals affected are our children and adolescents. No this â€Å"disease† is not untreatable, it is not contagious and there is no chemo involved yet it continues to grow. Why? When asked to present a problem and a solution, what bigger a problem and easier a solution than the underrated concern of childh ood obesity in the United States. Childhood obesity

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Opportunity Cost In Tourism Industry Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Opportunity Cost In Tourism Industry. Answer: Opportunity cost in Tourism Industry Opportunity cost is the concept that can be used in thetourism management and this will be having positive impact on thetourism management as well. Opportunity cost has a positive impact on the tourism industry as it helps in understanding the opportunity that has been lost. It helps in providing a proper understanding about the reality while selecting different options as well. For instance In tourism industry, when a person enters as to travel to a particular destination, there are different options that are available to that person while selecting for a particular destination. When the person will choose a particular destination, then he/she will be losing the opportunity for other destinations and this will help in understanding the real scenario of the entire situation. While choosing a particular destination, it is the responsibility of the customer as well as the tours and travel manager to identify and understand the different issues that can occur while selecting a particular destination. This will help in understanding the different relative prices of other destinations the individuals want to travel. This will help in gaining proper competitive advantage and gain positive outcomes as well in the tourism industry. Example of positive outcomes of opportunity cost in tourism industry Opportunity cost is defined as the concept wherein in order to receive an opportunity for one particular destination, there will be a loss of opportunity of another destination (Mok, Sparks and Kadampully 2013). This is in relation to the tourism industry as well as management. There are different advantages as well as disadvantages of the tourism management. The advantages are it helps in providing awareness about the opportunity that has been lost by the customers who planned to travel to a specific destination. Secondly, it will help in understanding the different relative prices of the other alternatives that has been shortlisted by the customers in order to permanently select a destination to travel. Furthermore, there are different disadvantages of the tourismmanagement as well wherein this takes a lot of time in order to calculate as well as consider. With proper implementation of time that is required it will help in understanding the different options or the alternatives carefully, however there are situations when there is limited time available and then time becomes a huge constraint for the tourism management as well as for the customers as well (Waligo, Clarke and Hawkins 2013). For instance A customer went to a travel and Tourism Company named Adventure Tours situated in Melbourne, Australia. The respective individual wanted to travel to a particular destination with the family members in United States of America within a budget of $1, 00,000. The tourism manager helped him with different kinds of alternatives for different places in the world. The manager helped the customer by providing him the brochure for different places that covers within the budget that has been provided to him by the client. This helped the customer in getting a brief about the different places and he had ample scope to decide on the respective place he wants to travel. This is the case of opportunity that has been provided to him wherein he understood the different aspects of different places clearly from the manager of the respective tourism company. The customer has been provided with ample opportunities about different destinations and this helped him in selecting a destination based upon his budget. Furthermore, from the various options that has been provided to him, he had the opportunity to select a particular destination and reject others. In this scenario, the customer lost the opportunity of the other travel destinations in order to choose a particular destination. From this particular example, it can be analyzed that opportunity cost helps and have positive outcome in the tourism industry as well. The opportunity cost has positive outcome in the different industries in different ways, however there are different disadvantages in the opportunity costs aspects in tourism management as there will be time constraints at times when there are only few options available for the customers in the organization to select a particular destination as there are huge bookings going on for that specific destinations (Medlik 2016). Example of negative outcomes of opportunity cost in tourism industry There are negative impacts of opportunity costs on the entire tourism industry as well wherein there is lack of time and lack of accounting as well in this particular sector. For instance A particular customer went to Adventure Tours, Melbourne, Australia wherein he wanted several options for travelling to a particular destination in United States of America wherein he had a budget constraint and he can only spend around $90,000. The manager helped the customer with different destinations that are available in the rate that has been mentioned by the customer. However, the manager has clarified that there are only few tickets left and there is only some time left for the tickets to be sold out. The customer had no other option but to select a destination without getting proper consultation from his family members with whom he was planning to travel to United States of America. In this case, there is lack of availability of time in making a sound decision about the destination by the customer. There is lack of accounting as well in the tourism business management as well as that can prove negative for the entire tourism business in the future (Mahadevan 2014). Summarization of positive and negative impacts of opportunity costs on Tourism management Therefore, this can be learnt that opportunity costs can have both positive as well as negative impacts on the tourism management. Opportunity costs has a positive effect on the entire tourism management as there are different options available for the customers who are planning to travel to different destinations and they are availing various options for selecting a particular destination as well. On the other hand, there are negative impacts of tourism management as well wherein there will be constraint of time and lack of accountability that can have huge impact on the entire tourism management as well as the tourism sector. Therefore, opportunity costs are useful when the particular individuals or customers are planning to travel to a particular destination within a fixed budget and they have different options available for them as well. On the other hand, the time constraint can have a negative impact on the tourism management. References Mahadevan, R., 2014. Understanding senior self-drive tourism in Australia using a contingency behavior model.Journal of Travel Research,53(2), pp.252-259. Medlik, S. ed., 2016.Managing tourism. Elsevier. Mok, C., Sparks, B. and Kadampully, J., 2013.Service quality management in hospitality, tourism, and leisure. Routledge. Waligo, V.M., Clarke, J. and Hawkins, R., 2013. Implementing sustainable tourism: A multi-stakeholder involvement management framework.Tourism management,36, pp.342-353.

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Three Shades of Green free essay sample

Charlotte National Golf Club is a place where I played golf, practiced golf, ate sausage biscuits, and worked long hours. Sunday mornings at Charlotte National always had the guarantee to be especially eventful. I will never forget the feeling of it being unbearably cold as my buttocks came in contact with the wet cart seat at the crack of dawn. For the past four years at six in the morning, I would find myself in the same routine every weekend. I would arrive at the course before dusk a pour myself a cup of coffee, then head outside to begin removing the old rusty lock from the golf cart fencing. After the carts had been staged and the sun had risen, I knew that I had excitement in store. The Sunday morning routine might have been constant, though intriguing surprises emerged constantly. Some may ask how a weekly routine could be considered to be interesting by any means and why I loved my job as much as I did. I feel in love with my Sunday morning rounding at Charlotte National Golf Club because of the people that I came in contact with and the relationships that were built. At Charlotte National ordinary events always seemed to translate into extraordinary experiences. When asked to identify ones childhood home, most people would have the instant response of stating their address of where their family resided throughout their childhood. This can be known as the universal definition of a home; however; this is not always the case. My philosophy on ones home can be illustrated by a quote by Robert Frost. Home is a place, where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. For me, Charlotte National is simply this type of place I will forever be apart of. When pulling into the parking lot of Charlotte National, I probably get sighs from all of the members unloading their clubs from their vehicles. Chances are I even get a mutter or two that go something like, Oh, this guy again. Bu t they always know that Charlotte National is my home and we all are family; therefore; they must take me in. At around seven o clock every Sunday, for two-hundred and fifteen Sundays straight, the carts had been lined up neatly and it was time to enjoy the comfort of the ramshackle triple-wide trailer that we call our club house. I could always rely on my boss, whom I refer to as Slick Vick, to have a warm McDonalds sausage biscuit and a sweet tea on hand for me. My breakfast was enjoyed by sitting down and chatting with the gathering of old men that are known as Dales Group. We discussed everything from their war stories from back in the day to the golf shot they had just hit yesterday. Soon enough, the frost had departed from the fairways, and it was their time to hit the links and my time to get some work done. My main job on Sunday mornings at Charlotte National was to pick balls up on the driving range. I was fortunate that this task wasnt to be completed by hand, but rather with a primal caged cart that is looped around the driving range in a lawn-mowing motion. This wasnt the most r eliable vehicle at our facilities by any means. We literally named this range picker Rust-bucket Randy. Randy was our maintenance man who slapped his name tag sticker on the hood one day after changing a spark plug. Mrs. Pam was the woman who worked the concessions counter in the clubhouse. She usually arrived at the club around ten oclock every Sunday morning. To no surprise at all she would say, Grant, I have you a surprisebreakfast! I am not the type of person to be rude and tell her that I already ate, and I am definitely not the type of person that would ever turn down a warm sausage biscuit. My second biscuit of the day had always been eaten with the greens-mower, Ralph. Every regular customer at Charlotte National at golf course knows this man as Race-track Ralph. Ralphs uniform consisted of faded wrangler blue jeans, a Dale Jr. tee-shirt, and a Marlboro cigarette hanging from the right side of his mouth. By the looks of this guy anyone could presume that he was birthed in the in-field of Daytona Motor Speedway as a child biologically destined to raise hell. Ralph was definitely an interesting character; I can honestly admit that I have never looked so forward to a conversation as I did the weekly chat with this man. We would sometimes talk for hours on the day where I had no golfs to wash and no golf balls in the driving range to retrieve. Ralph would tell one story after another to drive me to the point that my voice would become coarse and my eyes would become dry from shedding tears.I was in need of Clear-eyes due to the fact that I had been nearly crying because of such excessive laughter. I regret that I am no longer able to work at Charlotte National. There will occasionally be a Sunday morning where my biological alarm clock will begin its c***-a-doodle-doos when the sun is still submerged beneath the tree line. Unlike the majority of the working class, I fall disappointed that I will no longer be going to work at six oclock on Sunday mornings. I have moved away from the Charlotte area; Slick Vick, Mrs. Pam, and Race-track Ralph are no longer just a short drive away. Charlotte National may be municipal golf course unfavorably characterized by many for the odoriferous scent of tobacco smoke and the Pabst Blue Ribbon wafting through the air. It may not be a typical country club, but I fell in love with the place not because of any structurally sound facilities or an immaculate landscape, but rather because of the people that I came in contact with and the relationships that were built.

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Human settlements free essay sample

Settlement, locality or populated place are general terms used in statistics, archaeology, geography, landscape history and other subjects for a permanent or temporary community in which people live or have lived, without being specific as to size, population or importance. A settlement can therefore range In size from a small number of dwellings grouped together to the largest of cities with surrounding urbanized areas. The term may Include hamlets, villages, towns and cities. The term Is used Internationally In the field of geospatial modeling, and in that context is defined as a city, town, village, or ther agglomeration of buildings where people live and work . 11] A settlement conventionally includes its constructed facllltles such as roads, enclosures, field systems, boundary banks and ditches, ponds, parks andwoods, wind and water mills, manor houses, moats and churches. [2] Contents [hide] 1 In landscape history 2 In statistics 2. 1 Australia 2. 2 Bulgaria 2. Canada 2. 4 Croatia 2. 5 India 2. 6 Ireland 2. 7 Russia 2. 8 sweden 2. 9 united Kingdom 2. We will write a custom essay sample on Human settlements or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 10 united States 3 Abandoned populated places 4 See also 5 References In landscape history[edit] Landscape history studies the form (morphology) of settlements for example whether they are dispersed or nucleated. urban morphology can thus be considered a special type of cultural-historical landscape studies. Settlements can be ordered by size, centrality or other factors to define a settlement hierarchy. In statistics[edit] Australia[edlt] Geoscience Australia defines a populated place as a named settlement with a population of 200 or more persons. [3] The Committee for Geographical Names in Australasia used the term localities for rural areas, while the Australian Bureau of Statistics uses the term urban centres/localities for urban areas. Bulgaria[edit] The Bulgarian Government publishes a National Register of Populated Places (NRPP). Canada[edlt] The Canadian government uses the term populated place in the Atlas of Canada, but does not define it. 4] Statistics Canada uses the term localities for historical namea locatlons. croatla1e01t The Croatian Bureau of Statistics records population in units called settlements (naselJa). India[edit] The Census Commission of India has a special definition of census towns. Ireland[edit] The Central Statistics Office of the Republic of Ireland has a special definition of census towns. Russia[edit] There are various types of inhabited localities in Russia. Sweden[edit] Statistics Sweden uses the term localities (t ¤tort) for various densely populated places. United Kingdom[edit] The I-JK Department for Communities and Local Government uses the term urban settlement to denote an urban area when analysing census information. [5] The Registrar General for Scotlanddefines settlements as groups of one or more contiguous localities, which are determined according to population ensity and postcode areas. The Scottish settlements are used as one of several factors defining urban areas. 6] United States[edit] The United States Geological Survey (IJS6S) has a Geographic Names Information System that defines three classes of human settlement: 1 . Populated Place place or area with clustered or scattered buildings and a permanent human population (city, settlement, town, village). A populated place is usually not incorporatedand by definition has no legal boundaries. However, a populated place may have a corresponding civil record, the legal bo undaries of which may or ay not coincide with the perceived populated place. Census a statistical area delineated locally specifically for the tabulation of Census Bureau data (census designated place, census county division, unorganized territory, various types of American Indian/Alaska Native statistical areas). [7] 3. Civil a political division formed for administrative purposes (borough, county, incorporated place, municipio, parish, town, township). [7] Populated places may be specifically defined in the context of censuses and be different from general-purpose dministrative entities, such as place as defined by the U. S. Census Bureau orcensus-designated places. Abandoned populated places[edit] Main articles: Abandoned village and Abandoned town Abandoned buildings in Kolmanskop,Namibia[8] The term Abandoned populated places is a Feature Designation Name in databases sourced by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency[9] andGeoNames. [10] Populated places can be abandoned. Sometimes the structures are still easily accessible, such as in a ghost town, and these may become tourist attractions. Some laces that have the appearance of a ghost town, however, may still be defined as populated places by government entities. [citation needed] A town may become a ghost town because the economic activity that supported it has failed, because of a government action, such as the building of a dam that floods the town, or because of natural or human-caused disasters such as floods, uncontrolled lawlessness, or war. I ne term Is sometimes usea to reter to cltles, towns, ana nelgnoornooa s tnat are stlll populated, but significantly less so than in years past. [citation needed]